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Morricone Youth formed in New York City in 1999 with the mission statement of composing, re-interpreting, performing and recording only "music written for the moving image." With a repertoire of over 100 reinterpretations of film and television soundtracks and music production library recordings (many of which recorded for CDs released by Country Club Records),the band performs with projections thematically dedicated to specific composers or film music genres in addition to composing and performing its own original live scores to old silent films, midnight movies, animations and shorts in theaters and art spaces around the country. In 2005, Morricone Youthcomposed original music for its own imaginary film entitled "SILENZIO VIOLENTO," recorded with legendary Brooklyn producer and engineer Martin Bisi released by Country Club Records. The band's original music has regularly been used for television and films, including the documentary "Second Skin" directed by Juan Carlos Pineiro-Escoriaza about MMORPGs.

The band has embarked on an ambitious project of recording and releasing a 15-vinyl/digital series of the enormous body of work it has composed for the 15 silent films and midnight movies live scored over the years around NYC. The first five releases are now available digitally and on limited edition vinyl: (1) "THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED"; (2) NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD"; (3) "MAD MAX"; (4) "SUNRISE: A SONG OF TWO HUMANS", and (5) "DANGER: DIABOLIK". The sixth and seventh releases in the series for Alfred Hitchcock's "THE LODGER" and Sergei Eisentein's "BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN" are scheduled for release in 2021. Distribution is available via Light in the Attic Records and Revolver USA.

In 2019, founding member DEVON GOLDBERG composed the original score for director Kire Paputt's feature length film "The Last Porno Show" which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2019. The music was performed by Morricone Youth along with help from Cochemea Gastelum, Sean McCaul, Karen Waltuch and Scott Hollingsworth. The soundtrack is now available digitally, on vinyl, and CD. Video-On-Demand for the film can be streamed here.

Goldberg aka Devon E. Levins has been a dedicated soundtrack record collector since the mid-90's and hosted a weekly soundtrack radio show on East Village Radio from 2007-2014 under the same Morricone Youth name as well as interviewing soundtrack composers. He is currently hosting an all new soundtrack radio show MORRICONE ISLAND on WFMU ( FM in NYC/NJ) every Tuesday from 7-8pm ET.

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